3.9 Inch Epic Mullet Open Pour Mold

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The 3.9 Inch Epic Mullet is an "open pour" style mold we designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

The Epic Mullet is a "headless" mullet shaped swimbait designed to be rigged on a jig head. The thickest part of the body is .46" wide by .68" tall. The tail features a paddle that gives this bait a consistent wide horizontal tail kick with a steady retrieve, and spirals around with a fluttering tail on the fall due to the recurved tail paddle.

Direct quote from Marling Baits himself "It does some freakin sweet stuff on the fall."

This bait is "upside down" in the mold. The bait should be poured with this in mind as the back (top of bait) color would be poured first, followed by the belly colors.

The action of this bait is best with a medium to medium-hard plastisol.

Mold dimensions - 4.4"x2"

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
(Baits and jig heads not included)

Shipping Included in the USA
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Caught a redfish first time using the baits made

New to the craft and was able to three color laminate hand pour with no problems. Only have this one epic mold and a few others from first source I used and the attention to detail on this one is easy to appreciate in comparison. Definitely gonna be repeat customer