6 Inch Epic Sucker Open Pour Mold

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The 6 Inch Epic Sucker, "open pour" style mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

The Epic Sucker is a boot tail swimbait with a tail designed to have a constant wide kick weather it's sinking, slow bottom bouncing or on fast retrieve. This bait also features a flat bottom and side stabilizing fins which help it to glide through the water.

The hook slot is sized to best fit an 8/0 Owner Beast Hook, although a 6/0 will work as well. This bait also works great on larger jig heads. The eye sockets are .25 inch in diameter to take both 6mm and 1/4 inch hard eyes. The hook slot plate has a positioning pin to lock it into the mold while pouring the bait.

This bait works best with medium-firm or firm plastisol.  When pouring this bait remember it is upside down in the mold so start with back colors and finish with belly colors.

Mold size - 2in x 6.75in x 1.25in
Number of cavities - 1
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
Hardware is included to hold both halves of the mold together.

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