2.5 Inch Egg Worm Mold - 12 Cavity

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The 2.5 Inch Egg Worm measures 2.5 inches from tip to tail.  The egg on the front of the worm is 6mm in diameter and the thickest part of the worm body is 0.18 inches in diameter.  The worm body has a deep ribbed texture. This mold can be used to shoot laminated baits. There are two injection ports on this mold, one for injecting just the eggs and one for injecting the worm body onto the eggs.

To use this mold inject "egg" port then move eggs over to port where the eggs meet the worm cavities and inject "worm" port. To prevent denting, hold pressure for 10 seconds after injecting full baits.

Mold size - 7in x 3in
Number of cavities - 12
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

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