2 Inch Sandworm Molds - 4 & 20 Cavity

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The 2 Inch Sandworm bait measures 2" from end to end and the bait's round/ribbed body section measures .215" wide x .175" tall at the thickest part. The tiny projections/legs along the sides of the body are flat on one side, rounded on other and taper to a point. This allows for lots of movement and light to reflect or "flash" off of the flat side. Every other leg is on opposite sides of the mold.

4 cavity mold dimensions - 5"x2"x1.2"
20 cavity mold dimensions - 5"x6"x1.2"

All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

Email us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com if you would like more cavities or a different size.

Shipping included in the United States

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