3" Slick Swim Paddle Tail Swimbait - 3 Cavity w/ Tails

3" Slick Swim Paddle Tail Swimbait - 3 Cavity w/ Tails

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The 3" slick swimmer paddle tail swimbait is 3" overall length. The body is jsut under .5" thick and .375" wide.  There is a hook slot in the belly of the bait which is made from small .0325" thick inserts in the mold. This mold can't be injected properly without the inserts in.

This is a 3 cavity mold that also has 3 additional paddle tail cavities for making different colored paddle tails. After injecting the paddle tail cavities you remove them, lightly coat with worm oil, insert them into the tail section of the full mold cavities and inject the second color for the swimbait body.

This mold can also be shot as single color swimbaits.

Optional - You can choose from "with hook slot" or "no hook slot" depending if you want a mold that has inserts to make a hook slot in the bait or not.  Please note that the mold with hook slots will only shoot properly with the hook slot inserts in place.

This bait is designed for Texas rigging with smaller EWG worm hooks or weighted swimbait hooks. The bait has a big side to side tail wobble with body roll at slow speeds and ultra fast, hard kicking action at higher speeds.

Mold size - 3"x6"
Number of cavities- 3 body and 3 additional paddle tails
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

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