2.2 Inch Caddis Fly Larva Mold

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This Caddis Fly Larva bait measures 2.2" from head to tip of tail and has a body thickness of .25" belly to back and a width of .325" from side to side at its thickest section. Featuring a lifelike jointed body shape, pointed front legs, and very small rear legs on the tail, this bait is the perfect large Caddis Fly Larva imitation with incredible action. This bait can also be  "pinched" at the body segments to quickly shorten the bait, creating a new presentation. 

Mold size - 5.5"x6"
Number of cavities - 12

All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

Email us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com if you would like more cavities or a different size.

Shipping included in the United States

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