3.4 Inch Glory Craw Hand Injection Mold

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The 3.4 Inch Glory Craw bait has a total length of 3.4 inches from tail to tips of claw/antenna and a body thickness of .5".  This bait features a lifelike craw profile featuring legs, antenna, and claws in the "defense position."  The top of the bait features a small indented hook slot to help align your hook point and to help hide the hook point when rigged with a swimbait or EWG hook. This mold is for use with hand injectors and can be laminated.

3 cavity mold dimensions - 4.5"x6"
6 cavity mold dimensions - 7.5"x6"

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
(Baits and jig heads not included)

Shipping Included in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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David Dorobek
One of the best!

It is difficult to choose my favorite Epic Bait mold but this one could be the winner. It shoots perfectly and the size of the craws is spot on. I have caught some nice LM bass up here in MI while using the craw as a trailer as well as set up on a T-rig. Heck, the other day I even caught 3 Northern Pike "on accident" while using them as a trailer on a swim jig.

Donald Boots
Great mold

Shoots good also does laminates good has good deal.


Shoots perfectly every time

James Roddenberry
3.4 “ Glory Craw

This is one of a few Epic Molds I have. They all produce and shoot amazing baits every time. This Craw mold is no exception. Best shooting mold I have every time. Craftsmanship of the mold is perfect. I would buy 100 times over again.