4.4 Inch ShadderBait Hand Injection Mold

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The 4.4 Inch ShadderBait measures 4.4" from nose to tip of tail and features a shad/baitfish body shape, fine scales, gill plate, fin details, and a flat spot to glue on a .25" (or 8mm) eye. The tail features a top and lower fin that both have small paddles producing a vibrating kicking action. 

This mold features reversible hook slots allowing you to make baits with a deep belly hook slot that can accommodate up to a size 6/0 swimbait hook or the inserts can be flipped around to make baits that feature a solid belly to be used on swim jigs, chatterbaits, or jig heads. There is also a large hook slot on the top of the bait to hide the hook point and assist with rigging of hooks, allowing the bait to open up more for a better hookup ratio when using chatterbaits.

3 cavity mold dimensions - 7.5"x6"

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
(Baits and jig heads not included)

Shipping Included in the USA
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