4 Inch Flappin Drax Tail Mold - 6 Cavity

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The 4in Flappin Drax Tail Mold allows you to make different colored "tails" that can then be used in the 2 or 6 cavity 4in Flappin Drax molds. You will need a 2 or 6 cavity 4 Inch Flappin Drax mold along with this to make complete baits.

To use this mold to make different color or floating "tails":
-Mix up your desired tail colors
-Inject this tail mold
-Wait 1-2 minutes and remove the "tails" from this mold
-Pull tails off of spru and place into a 2 or 6 cavity 4in Flappin Drax mold
-Heat up and mix your desired colors for the body
-Inject the mold to fill the body cavities
-Wait 1-3 minutes and remove the finished baits from the mold

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Mold size - 5"x6"
Number of cavities- 6
All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

Email us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com if you would like more cavities or a different size.

Shipping included in the United States

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