4 Inch Slick Swim Paddle Tail Swimbait (with Hook slots)- 6 Cavity Top Shoot

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The 4" long Slick Swimmer paddle tail swimbait's body is .6" thick and .375" wide.

This is a 6 cavity "top shot" mold which allows you to use two injectors and a mixing block (not included) to shoot top/bottom laminated baits.

IMPORTANT - This mold comes with our new bolt in hook slot inserts. These inserts are bolted into the mold to help decrease production time and fumbling around with small inserts. Simple "roll" the baits out from under the inserts.

The bait has a big side to side tail wobble with body roll at slow speeds and ultra fast, hard kicking action at higher speeds.

Mold size - 6"x6.5"
Number of cavities- 6
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kenth Larsen
First purchase, but not the last one

Beautiful mold, shoots perfect and makes perfect laminates. Love it!

Great Mold

I have a lot of Epic molds, as well as a few dozen from other makers. I enjoy them all, but this is the only mold I have ever reviewed. I was extremely unsure about the profile of this bait - it seemed too thin, and the tail seemed too narrow to have the action I was looking for. I am so glad I tried it anyhow. The mold quality is great - no surprise there - and the result is just awesome. If shot a little softer the bait has a very unique "rolling flex" in the water and just a hint of an erratic pattern, especially with a varied retrieve. It is SUPER weedless with a good weighted swimbait hook (3/0 seems perfect) and it just straight kills. You can't go wrong here.

Good work, Epic.

Awesome Quality and Design

Awesome Mold, perfect for saltwater fishing here in Australia. Thank's!!!

John Wheeler
Shoots great - catches fish

Not much more to say except it truly makes an exceptionally beautiful, professional quality bait. Rig it on a weedless underspin or weighted twistlock ewg and get ready.

Well designed!

This mold makes a great profile swimbait with good action even if you retrieve it slowly. Attached hook slots save you a lot of time. Awesome mold!