5.2 Inch Epic Shtickle Hand Injection Mold

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The 5.2 Inch Epic Shtickle is a "hand injection" style mold we designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

The Epic Shtickle is a cross between a Walleye style worm and a slimmer profile swimbait body with a curly tail. The body is diamond shaped with a gill plate, scales, a long top fin and lower fin. The curly tail design along with the longer tail section gives this bait lots of action even with minimal speed.

This mold features four Epic Stickle full body cavities placed in a vertical configuration so you can inject 1-3 colors (single, dual and triple colored laminates) using a single, double or triple injector (injector not included). There is also a separate injection port built into the same mold for creating unique tail colors. After injecting the tail side of the mold the tails are inserted into the full body cavities and then the plastisol should be injected at 340-360 degrees F to bond the tail sections to the new bodies of the baits.

This bait is intended to be used on a variety of jig heads and does NOT have a hook slot.

4 cavity mold dimensions (with 8 tail cavities) - 6" x 8"

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
(Baits and jig heads not included)

Shipping Included in the USA
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