5 Inch Flappin Drax Mold - 2 & 4 Cavity

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The 5 Inch Flappin Drax bait has a total length of 5 inches, body width of .8" (including ribs), and body thickness of .46" (including ribs).  There are a total of 10 ribs along the body and the last two near the tail of the bait are recessed (slightly indented) to accommodate the hook point. The bait is also symmetrical on both sides for easy rigging and shooting of laminates. Available in 2 or 4 cavity molds. This mold is for use with hand injectors and can be laminated.

Looking for the 4" Flappin Drax? - CLICK HERE

2 cavity mold dimensions - 11"x3"
4 cavity mold dimensions - 11"x6"

All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

Email us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com if you would like more cavities or a different size.

Shipping included in the United States

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