6.8 Inch Millipede Hand Injection Mold

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The 6.8 Inch Millipede bait is 6.8" long from end to end. It features 84 "legs" down the sides of the body along with different back and belly texturing. Where the two halves of the mold meet, there is a small flat edge to help the baits ability to glide. This is also were the legs attach to the bait. Instead of being round, the mid-section of the bait is football shaped so it is wider than it is tall. This mold can be used to shoot single, dual or triple laminated baits using a dual or triple injector (injectors not included).

5 cavity mold dimensions - 8" x 6"
2 cavity mold dimensions - 8" x 3"

Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
(Baits and jig heads not included)

Shipping Included in the USA
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