4 Inch Flappin Drax Mold - 2 & 6 Cavity

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The 4 Inch Flappin Drax bait has a total length of 4 inches, body width of .66" (including ribs), and body thickness of .43" (including ribs).  There are a total of 8 thick ribs along the body and the last two near the tail of the bait are recessed (slightly indented) to accommodate the hook point.  This bait is designed around 3/0 sized EWG hooks (Pictured with a Gamakatsu 3/0 EWG).  The bait is also symmetrical on both sides for easy rigging and shooting of laminates. Available in 2 or 6 cavity molds. This mold is for use with hand injectors and can be laminated.

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2 cavity mold dimensions - 9"x2"
6 cavity mold dimensions - 9"x6"

All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

Email us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com if you would like more cavities or a different size.

Shipping included in the United States

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