6.6 Inch Epic Mander Injection Mold

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The 6.6 Inch Epic Mander injection mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

The Epic Mander bait is 6.6 inches total length and is a finesse lizard/salamander bait that amplifies any action you impart into it. The floating ball tail bobs around with the slightest of current or twitch and it mimics a lizard or salamander writhing around the bottom beautifully.

This mold features three separate injection ports; one for the full body, one for just the legs and one for the ball on the end of the tail. The legs and ball for the end of the tail can be injected separately so you can make a floating tail and/or legs.  Once the legs and tail are injected they are moved into the main mold cavity and the body is injected onto them. The body can be injected fully by itself but there will be a dent in the ball at the end of the tail. See Marling Baits YouTube channel for a demonstration of this.

We recommend a floating blend of plastisol or floating additive for the ball on the tail to get the most action.

Tail and leg only mold available HERE

Mold size - 3in x 8in
Number of cavities - 1
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
Hardware is included to hold both halves of the mold together.

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Customer Reviews

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James Roddenberry
Thumbs up!! 5 Stars

Like all of my Epic molds. The craftsmanship of this mold is perfect. The mold also shots perfectly every time. Now the ball does seem to have a dent in it if you shot the entire bait at once. Which they express that in the description. But, if u shot your balls then place in mold. You will never have any problems. Which I shot my legs and balls with a floating blend then place them in the body mold. Then I shot it with my regular blend. So the action of the bait is awesome. Purchase with confidence.
Thanks for another awesome mold!!

Awesome Design

I love this mold and the separate leg and ball mold. It would be nice to have a multi cavity body mold, since the leg and tail mold shoots a lot of legs and balls but, I can imagine how big the 2 plates would be for a multiple cavity body mold


Shoots easily and looks great. Mold is smooth and baits look awesome.

hook, line and sinker

wow love this mold shoots well and i don't have to wait a month like some other companies. the only thing i would change is to make molds just for the legs and ball. or make a ribbon tail version.

Thomas lee

Wow super fast shipping amazing molds cant wait to see new molds created by this company absolutly phenomenal work... mold shoots perfect every time