Tail/Leg Mold - 6.6 Inch Epic Mander

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This mold creates tail balls and legs designed to go into our 6.6 Inch Epic Mander Hand Injection Mold. This allows you to quickly and easily create different colored tails and legs and/or floating tails (balls). These can then be put into the 6.6" Epic Mander bait mold (sold separately) and once the body is injected, it will adhere to the legs and tail placed in the mold.

This mold only makes TAILS (ball) and LEGS.

You will need the mold linked directly below to utilize this tail mold as it is intended:
6.6 Inch Epic Mander Hand Injection Mold

Mold size - 5.75"x6"
Number of leg cavities - 3 Sets (6 individual legs)
Number of tail balls - 16
All molds are made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

*This product listing is for the aluminum mold only. Baits not included*

Shipping Included in the USA
[*International shipping to several countries available at checkout. If you do not see your country available at checkout, contact us at EpicBaitMolds@gmail.com for

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