.25 Inch Soft Eye Injection Mold

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 This .25 Inch Soft Eye Injection Mold was designed to quickly and efficiently produce multi-colored soft plastic eyes to insert into our Epic Nugget open pour mold.

The shape of the pupil of the eye is a tear drop shape to represent a life-like fish eye.

The mold has two sprus and was designed to be easy to use. First, shoot the desired color of the pupil of the eye into the corresponding spru. Once cooled, open the mold and pinch at the top just below the port of the spru area. Move the remaining string of pupils into the other section and close the mold. Shoot the desired color for the outer area of the eye and let cool. Open the mold and simply pinch off the eyes and place into the cavities of the Epic Nugget (sold separately).

It is possible to shoot laminated Iris colors using this mold.

**Of note, we plan to design at least one other size of this eye mold as well as design other swimbait molds that will take this style of soft plastic eye. We cannot guarantee the eyeball will fit / work with any other mold than the Epic Nugget at this time.

Mold size - 2.5"x3"
Number of cavities - 16
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum

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