6.1 Inch Epic Stud Open Pour Mold

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The 6.1 Inch Epic Stud, "open pour" style mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

The Epic Stud is a boot tail swimbait with a square tail designed to have a wild, erratic kick at any retrieval speed. Belly roll, head shake, body bend, and wobble on the fall... this bait has it all.

The hook slot is sized to perfectly fit a 10/0 Owner Beast Hook. The eye sockets are .375 inch in diameter. The hook slot plate has positioning tabs to lock it into the mold while pouring the bait. With the optional hook-slot-delete insert (sold separate) you can pour solid body baits.

This bait works best with saltwater plastisol, but will also work with a tube/craw blend.

*This is the Epic Pud's big brother but is not the exact same design scaled up, it has its own features.*

Mold size - 2in x 7in
Number of cavities - 1
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
Hardware is included to hold both halves of the mold together.

Free Shipping in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Unicorn Baits
Just WOW

If you're looking for a mold that brings out the best in you, I highly suggest this mold. From flawless design to totally breathtaking detail this mold has it all. This is an open pour persons dream mold. The Epic Stud has a very awesome canvas to paint with any plastisol of choice. If want to see how unlimited this mold can be, you can see some of my pours on my IG @unicornbaits. I'm just simply blown away by all the details this mold has to offer and cant wait to get at least 1 of every open pour mold they have. Not only does Epic have great molds, they have unmatched customer service and shipping is the fastest you'll find anywhere. I promise, as soon as you have this mold in hand it will make you want to get rid of any other companies open pours you have. This is definitely an upgrade for subpar molds from other competitors!

Heath Jordan
Instant Gratification, Instant Results

The possibilities are endless with this open pour!! This is perfect size for targeting giant largies!!!

Darrell (Stillwater Bait Co.)
An awesome big swimbait

A big bodied swimbait a little slimmer then the Epic pud with the same killer square tail.