3 Inch Epic Nugget Open Pour Mold

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The 3 Inch Epic Nugget, "open pour" style mold was designed as part of a collaboration with Marling Baits.

This swimbait is designed to mimic small freshwater and saltwater baitfish.  The Epic Nugget features micro-scales, a dependable fast tail kick, and a tight body shake which makes it a very stable and predictable bait to fish. The mold itself is very user friendly and easy to pour making this an excellent choice for the new bait maker or an awesome opportunity for the advanced bait maker to make truly life-like, creative baits.

The hook slot is sized to perfectly fit a 4/0 Owner Beast Hook and insert is held in place with a locating pin. With the optional hook-slot-delete insert (sold separate) you can pour solid body baits and rig these baits on larger jig heads.

The eye sockets are .25 inch in diameter and designed to use soft plastic eyes from our .25 Inch Eye Mold (sold separate). Simply place the soft plastic eyes into the eye sockets of the Epic Nugget mold, then close the mold carefully and start pouring.  We recommend using a hot plate while pouring for optimal adherence of the soft plastic eye to the bait.

This bait works best with swimbait/medium plastisol.

*This bait is different from our Epic Pud as it has a tighter/faster tail action and has an extremely small baitfish profile for use on a large 4/0 beast hook or jig head.

Mold size - 2in x 3.5in
Number of cavities - 1
Made in the USA from 6061 Aluminum
Hardware is included to hold both halves of the mold together.

Free Shipping in the USA
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Customer Reviews

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Nice molds

Clay Edmondson
Great little swimbait

Mold is super high quality. Have had great success fishing this little bait. Fun little bait to fish.

Fish Whisperer Baits, LLc
Nice little bait.

I fish a lot of shallow water in creeks and rivers for smallmouth. The size of this bait is perfect and has a great action. I usually pour it in colors to match bluegill and sunfish. It took a little practice and experimentation with the open pour process, but it is worth the time and effort. I like that it has a deep belly slot as well.

Gregory Stacy

I looked everywhere for a shad type mold. Couldn't find one. And I seen this nugget I had to have one. So I got 4. This is my favorite mold you can get so creative with it. With shad patterns and perch and firetiger. I actually need about ten of them I can't keep up with people wanting this bait. Top notch quality. And I like how you can put the eyes in before you pour the bait no glue involved.

Awesome Mold

This is probably my favorite mold I’ve bought. The action on this little bait is fantastic!